now THAT’S a meme……simply exquisite!

This is an excellent vintage meme. The mixture really brings out the best of both components.
A 2007 I’d imagine. What makes this meme especially fascinating is the textwork. This was made during the short length of time between memes not yet having their defined outlined-Impact text. The Impact has obviously been included, but still uses the one-toned coloring that would be commonly seen with a variety of fonts.
I imagine this would usually be used behind the “spoiler image” feature, making the best of its abilities. Truly an intriguing meme.

クド~  by  あれもこれも

Siri…… cancel my three o’clock and access sexy_boob.exe

I came across a new island today….. wish you could have seen it
I was thinkin bout phantom hourglass today. I wonder how much time Link spent with Tetra after he recovered her stone body. He probably slept down there.

@ladygaga: Cheers to Australia you were perfection! On my way to the airport. Were laughing about all the fun amazing memories from our trip. #monster4life

ハイキュ3 | どたばた